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Whole country
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Total voter turnout, %Voter turnout(%)in Finland

 PercentageNumber of VotesNumber of Seats
 %Change 11Change 12Count Change 11Change 12Count Change 11
National Coalition Party18,2-2,2-3,7540212-58926-567837-7
Social Democratic Party of Finland16,5-2,6-3,1490102-71456217834-8
True Finns17,7-1,45,3524054-3602121625638-1
Center Party of Finland21,15,32,46262181629521610514914
Left Alliance7,1-1,0-0,9211702-273371208712-2
Green League8,51,3-0,02531023993040002155
Swedish People's Party in Finland4,90,60,2144802190172693790
Christian Democrats in Finland3,5-0,5-0,2105134-13319118775-1
Labour Party of Finland0,0-0,00,0984-87344600
Independence Party0,50,30,413638104021233500
For The Poor0,0-0,0-0,0623-7125100
Pirate Party0,80,30,62508699831910000
Change 20110,3-0,00,27442-62618400
Communist Party of Finland0,3-0,1-0,27529-1703-364500
Communist Workers Party - For Peace and Socialism0,0-0,00,01103-47239900
Other groups0,60,2-1,1167314968-2462710
In all   2968462    
Rejected votes0,5  15397    
In all   2983859    

Page updated 27.01.2017 14:45:08

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